Awards & Fellowship Opportunities for First Year Students


The Office of First Year Programs & Learning Communities (FYP&LC) is dedicated to helping UConn students unleash their full potential during their tenure at the University. To aid students in easily accessing content they can leverage to continue their academic and professional development, we have put together a comprehensive list of campus opportunities for student pursuit.

Academic Awards

UConn students are eligible for several community awards for their academic, research, leadership, and involvement. The student awards included below are open to Undergraduate students at The University.

  • UConn Connects Scholarship
    • The UConn Connects Scholarship is awarded every semester to the undergraduate participant that demonstrated the greatest commitment to the Connects program and their academic success over the course of the semester.  Scholarships are awarded based on sustained academic achievement throughout the semester and nominations by facilitators.The Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program
  • Goldwater Scholarships
    • Goldwater Scholarships are awarded to college students who demonstrate excellence in science, math, and engineering and intend to pursue research careers in these fields. To apply for a Goldwater Scholarship, students must be nominated by their institution’s Goldwater Faculty Representative. The Goldwater Scholarship Application is only accessible through an online system and cannot be directly submitted by students. UConn’s Goldwater Representative is: Vin Moscardelli, Director of ONS&F | (860) 486-0087. Students are encouraged to contact Dr. Moscardelli to discuss eligibility before you apply for nomination.  More information on the application procedure and requirements can be found through the Goldwater Scholarship website in addition to those found on the UConn Office of National Scholarship & Fellowships site. 
  • Major & Field of Interest Listings
    • UConn’s Office of National Scholarships & Fellowships (ONS&F) has compiled a comprehensive list of Scholarships, Fellowships, and Opportunities available to UConn students grouped by field and interest. While the complete listing is available via the ONS&F website, the Office of FYP&LC complied a short list (seen below) of the awards that are of particular interest to first year students. 

Research Awards

  • IDEA Grant

    • UConn undergraduate students at all campuses and in all majors can apply for a UConn IDEA Grant of up to $4,000 to fund self-designed work on a topic, project, problem, artistic product or performance, or other entrepreneurial or creative idea of their choice. The work should be personally meaningful, relevant, and engaging. The work does not need to be tied to a student’s major or minor, but it should be guided by a student’s academic goals and future plans. Students may apply individually or as part of a small group for this new undergraduate opportunity for creativity, innovation, original research, and service.


  • FYE Mentor of the Year Award

    • The Office of First Year Programs & Learning Communities recognizes two Mentors per year for their outstanding contributions to the FYE classroom.
  •  Outstanding First Year Experience Teaching Award
    • The Office of First Year Programs & Learning Communities recognized two Instructors per year for their outstanding commitment to furthering student growth and development through activities in and out of the classroom.
  • UConn Connects Facilitator of the Year Award

    • Academic Support and UConn Connects recognize outstanding faculty, staff, graduate, and undergraduate facilitators who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to helping students succeed academically.  Recognition is awarded based on nominations from Connects participants and dedication to serving students and becoming a better resource.
  • Emerging Leaders Award

    • Conferred by the Student Affairs Division, the Emerging Leaders Award recognizes individual student(s) that, despite not holding a visible, established leadership position on campus, nonetheless has actively demonstrated attributes of a leader through his/her actions and character. Examples of such actions might include, but are not limited to, eadership in a campus organization and/or program, significant contributions to the enhancement of the campus community, or the advocacy of issues/positions that effect students.
  • International Student Leadership Award
    • Conferred by the Student Affairs Division, the International Student Leadership Award recognizes an individual student who has actively engaged in the activities that foster integration of international students and their experiences into the campus community in a visible and meaningful way.


  • Alternate Spring Breaks

    • Alternative Breaks are weekend or week-long trips that provide groups of students with the opportunity to explore critical social issues, enhance individual growth, and prepare them for lifelong social action. Each trip integrates service, reflection, and education and focuses on topics such as poverty, hunger, housing, healthcare, disaster relief, and more. Trips are offered throughout the year in local, national, and international destinations.
  • One-Time Service Projects & Events

    • Special Projects are one-time, public awareness campaigns or special events that provide opportunities for students to engage in service throughout the community. Examples include: Hoops of Hope, Special Olympics events, Give & Go, and service days.
  • Semester-Long Service Programs

    • Semester-Long Programs are a great way for students to make a commitment to service. By participating in a semester-long program, students will dedicate themselves to serving the community on a regular basis throughout the semester. Opportunities are available in the areas of health and human services, language and literacy and youth development and education for children and adolescents.