FYE Concern and Create Form

The Office of First Year Programs and Learning Communities takes an active role in ensuring our students are well supported, but we need your help! Our office and the Institute for Student Success are dedicated to undergraduates reaching their full potential during their academic journey at UConn. FYE courses offer a unique opportunity to gain insight into the student experience, thus providing us a legitimate educational interest to create connections. This form is for FYE Instructors and Mentors to show concern about the academic or personal wellbeing of our students. The FYE Concern and Create Form allows our office to process, track, and provide appropriate support to students to provide initial intervention during their time in a First Year Experience class.

Once reports are received, FYP and LC staff will gather information to determine how to best support the student.

Before submitting a Care & Create form about one of your FYE students, please use this checklist of ideas and questions to help you navigate through this. This is to make sure we do not duplicate any steps you may have already taken, especially since you hopefully have a connection with this student. With that said, we encourage you to think about these questions or steps before submitting. :

  • Have you or your FYE Mentor talked with or emailed the student? Texted or messaged? If so, did you receive any response?
  • Have you or your FYE Mentor called the student? If so, did you reach the student?
  • What role (if any) has your FYE Mentor played in reaching out to or supporting this student?
  • What has your messaging/outreach been like towards the student? Some ideas:
    • Asking if they are ok vs. being penalized for missing assignments?
    • Do they have a support system or people they feel comfortable talking with when they need help or have questions?
    • Is there anything you or your FYE Mentor can do to help this student?
    • Have you stressed to your class that if they are sick and cannot attend class, to communicate with you or your FYE Mentor? Have you shared information about SHaW - Medical Care? https://studenthealth.uconn.edu/hours-offices/
  • Does this student seem to have a connection with any other students in your FYE class? Maybe they are part of a Breakfast Club group if you are doing that assignment or something similar? If so, maybe ask that peer, “have you been in contact with so-and-so?”

Please note if your student shows a potential threat of harm to self or others, emotional distress, or immediate aid, you should call 911 or refer to the UConn Care Form.

Additional campus resources include:

Academic Achievement Center, Tutoring Centers, Cultural Centers, Community Standards, UConn Police, Center for Students with Disabilities, Dean of Students Office, Office of Institutional Equity, Residential Life, Student Health and Wellness, Suicide Prevention Resources