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Required Campus Partner Presentations

Center for Career Development

The Center for Career Development workshop is built into the Career Kickoff Résumé Assignment on HuskyCT.

Violence Against Women Prevention Program (VAWPP)

This workshop invites students to think critically about common patterns of communication around requests, negotiation, pressure, and coercion. Facilitators will use fun, interactive, non-sexual role-play to help students discuss dynamics within sexual and romantic situations.

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Strongly Recommended Campus Partner Presentations

Academic Achievement Center

The Academic Achievement Center offers a variety of topics to present to your class! You can may choose from the following topics or request a custom presentation:

- Setting Up Your Semester
- Prioritization Techniques
- Attention Management
- Strategies for Deeper Learning
- Test Taking Strategies
- Academic Resilience

To assist you with selecting the best presentation for your class, you can now preview a few of the presentation slides on our website! Submit your AAC presentation request by using the online request form here.

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Innovation Zone

During this workshop, students will be introduced to the Innovation Zone (IZone) Makerspace and its various offerings. Facilitators will guide participants through an engaging, hands-on activity focusing on the exploration of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial mindset and showcase how those themes apply to their path to success while at UConn and beyond.

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Help your students safely navigate their digital life.

Many of our interactions – social and business – are online, and this means our data and identifiable information are there too. Criminal looks for ways to steal this information and leverage it to cause financial harm and widespread IT compromises.

Cybersecurity awareness and education is the best protection for students. This presentation covers the essential skills and knowledge they need to keep themselves, their identity, and their data safe, while at UConn and after they graduate.

Send ITS a message to schedule a 20 – 30 minute in-person presentation.

Writing Center

This recommended component goes along with the Critical Reflection Assignment found on HuskyCT.

For Fall 2022, there will only be 1 prompt offered for this assignment. To include this assignment in your FYE course, you must follow this prompt. Effective for Fall 2022, you can opt out of including this assignment if you choose.

If you decide to include this component in your class, PLEASE complete this brief online form to choose which model you will use for your FYE class. This will guide you to the appropriate Google Sign-Up Sheet.

Learn more about the in-class vs. out-of-class models and read the prompt HERE.

Other Recommended Campus Partner Presentations

The Major Experience – How Major is Your Major?

We believe that every student should be exploratory when it comes to majors. Whether they’re anxiously undecided or comfortably declared, everyone can benefit from taking the time to examine their options. However, most students simply aren’t prepared to explore. Preconceived assumptions and myths about majors prevent them from being able to take full advantage of the process. This presentation will focus on elevating the student approach to major exploration by acknowledging and correcting these misconceptions and demonstrating that choosing a major isn’t quite so major.

This presentation focuses on two key points:
– Addressing and dispelling common myths and fallacies associated with choosing majors/careers.
– Providing students with the appropriate tools and resources to effectively explore majors.

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The Major Experience – What’s Really Important to You?

Your values will often be the driving force behind almost every important decision you make. They are your principles and standards. They are your judgment of what’s important in life. Some values are innate and some are taught. They are beliefs, ideas and experiences that are important to you and direct your choices.

By leading an in-class activity and facilitating discussion throughout, we will give students the opportunity to begin thinking about their values and how values can guide their decision-making. We will focus on how this impacts a student’s choice of major and/or career.

This presentation will take 50 minutes (including question/answer time throughout) and is VERY interactive. Please submit your request by completing the form below. You will receive a response in 2-3 business days.

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Dean of Students

The Dean of Students can present to your FYE class on ways they support students and how to access their services.

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Experiential Global Learning

Experiential Global Learning is happy present to your group! Our presentations cover common questions that students have about programs abroad, such as academics, financial aid and scholarships, health and safety, and student interests in other topics. EGL also offers virtual internship programs and global programs domestically.

For greatest availability, please submit your request to us at least one week in advance of your intended event. Once we schedule an Experiential Global Leaning representative for your request, we will send you an email confirmation.

To request a presentation, visit:

S.T.A.R.T. the Conversation

The S.T.A.R.T. program offers interactive, contemporary education in a safe and compassionate environment focused on group conversation.

If you are interested in hosting an educational experience with the UConn Police Department, please complete the form below. Be sure to complete all areas so we can better meet your programming needs. The UCPD Community Outreach Unit reserves the right to fulfill requests on a first-come/ first-served basis for 10 or more participants. Program availability is subject to availability of police personnel. Please allow at least 4 weeks prior to the desired presentation date as our calendar fills up quickly.

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Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry

The Ballard Institute is currently offering virtual puppet-building workshops in a number of puppetry styles! Workshops are conducive to educators seeking new and inventive ways to incorporate puppetry into their teaching methods, and to students looking to learn more about how to build and manipulate puppets. To schedule your workshop, contact

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The William Benton Museum of Art

Looking at art is about more than recognizing a canon of artists and styles. In fact, analyzing a work of art builds many of the same skills associated with critical thinking.

Classes can sharpen observation skills, practice empathy, and engage in critical thinking skills with the Benton’s Critical Looking workshop. This will show students how to tap their powers of observation and investigate a work of art through close looking and discussion. This workshop lasts approximately 50 minutes and is offered in the museum and online (synchronous). Click here to request a presentation!

Another option is to incorporate a visit to the Benton in an assignment like My UConn Passport, scavenger hunts, or as extra credit opportunities. More about Fall exhibits below.


Wild Youth: Punk and New Wave from the 1970s and 1980s

August 30 to October 16, 2022

William Benton Museum of Art


This exhibition focuses on the graphic sensibility that grew up around the Punk Rock and New Wave movements of the 1970s and 1980s. It offers a glimpse into the exhaustive punk graphics and memorabilia collection of Andrew Krivine. Krivine, a punk rock expert who witnessed punk firsthand in London in the late 1970s, suggested an exhibition with three areas of focus: Jamie Reid and the Suburban Press, the artist who singlehandedly conceived the graphic identity for the Sex Pistols; the seminal photographs of Sheila Rock documenting the punk scene and punk fashion; and finally, the Women of Punk Rock and New Wave (a rich legacy which went on to inspire the Riot Grrrls a decade later), to tie in with the Benton’s recognition of the 50th anniversary of the UConn Women’s Center. The exhibition’s title references the British punk band Generation X’s anthemic second single but also captures the exuberance and energy of the punk movement.


Days and Nights of Print and Punk

August 30 to October 16, 2022

Schimmelpfeng Gallery

Dodd Center for Human Rights

University of Connecticut Library


Curated by Graham Stinnett, Archivist

As the radical 1960s waned and the troubled 1970s bore on, through economic downturn, military withdrawal from Vietnam, and political malaise, Rock ‘n’ Roll came to represent, for some, a tired, moneyed, and virtuosic expression that no longer possessed counter-cultural credibility. The discontented youth of the 1980s scraped its collective nails against the pearly white billboards of America. With intentional tonal simplicity, quickened riffs, and biting attitudes towards the normative, an aggressive genre of music became the banner charge against all limitations to personal expression.  Punk rock signified a welcoming underground to the outsider.  Across the US, and even here in the land of steady habits, hardcore punk rockers occupied venue spaces, spectators became performers, pools became skate parks, and Xerox machines became the printing press in this underground renaissance. Modes of production formerly held in the hands of publishers, record companies, and band agents were seized and stripped down with a do-it-yourself sneer. Actively expressing opinions through fanzines, forming bands, making clothes, collectivizing venues, spray painting, skateboarding and just scrapping by—formed the tenants of the underground punk and hardcore scenes that thrived in Connecticut during the 1980s.  Within the scene itself, varying genres and aesthetics carved out their respective niche of underground culture, from thrash metal to indie rock, from shaved heads to dreadlocks, X’ing off and going straight edge or vegetarian, and donning Doc Martens to Nike high tops; the uniform of choice signaled much to the change occurring in underground music over the decade and beyond.

This exhibition features selections of performance photographs from the traveling exhibition Live at The Anthrax from the Joe Snow Punk Rock Collection.  Joe photographed the thriving Connecticut Hardcore Punk (CTHC) scene in the late 1980s during the final years of The Anthraxclub in Norwalk, CT (’86-’90).  Shot on 35mm black and white Kodak film, these images represent historical documents that bring the viewer as close to the action as possible, providing an intimacy into this subcultural space from 35 years ago.  The photographs were selected and reprinted with the intent to highlight the primacy of analog at that time as well as the aesthetics of the not-so-distant past illuminated by a sweat tinted flash bulb.  In addition to photography, the exhibition features flyers, riot grrrl and skate zines, t-shirts, stickers, vinyl, and posters of the late 1970s to the early 2000s.

Human Rights Institute

Let the Human Rights Institute introduce your students to the human rights program at UConn. The presentation can be tailored to your class’s need, and will cover the opportunities and resources available for students studying human rights at UConn. Choose either a 15-minute informational presentation or a 50-minute interactive workshop developed especially for FYE classes.

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Office of Financial Aid

Students who participate in our interactive session of Your Money Matters- Life Elements–will learn key personal finance skills in a fun and engaging manner, as they embark on making financial decisions for Dakota, a senior graduating from UConn. Learning objectives include emphasizing the value (and ease) of creating a monthly budget, the importance of saving, the difference between credit cards and debit cards, and why it’s important to minimize debt. Ultimately, students will leave the session with a heightened awareness of early financial planning.

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OPIM Innovate Lab

The OPIM Innovate lab can give students of all majors and backgrounds access to new, emerging technologies that may not be found in a typical classroom setting which includes 3D printers, circuitry, drones, Virtual Reality, and more. In addition, OPIM Innovate Lab also offers online modules in areas such as programming, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence that are available on their website.

To share some information about the lab with your class, click the link here. There are three different options for including an OPIM Innovate Lab into your classroom. To view the options, click here. If you are interested in adding our lab to your class, you can fill out the form here.

If you would like more information, you can contact them at

Student Health and Wellness

To assist our FYE instructors with this transition, we will be recording a training in early September, touching on topics such as an overview of Student Health and Wellness, how to support their student’s wellness and identify when a student may be in crisis, as well as how to facilitate discussions about health and wellness in the classroom. More information will be coming soon.

International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS)

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