Archive of Award Winners

The list of award winners are found below by academic year

YEAR FYE Instructor of the Year Award Recipients  John T. Szarlan Memorial FYE Mentor of the Year Award Recipients
2017/2018 Shoshana Armington and Dr. Renee Gilberti Jamie Katzenberger and Juanyi Li
2016-2017 Whitney Losapio and Maryann Morris Jia (James) Lun, Joseph Marini, and Mona Patel
2015-2016 John Armstrong and Dr. Jason Courtmanche Lisa Iwanicki and Jessica Mathieu
2014-2015 Robert (Bob) J. Chudy and Harry Twyman Craig Alejos and Jonathan Hull
2013-2014  Dr. Jaci Van Heest and Dr. Pat Harkins Josh Morse and Stephanie Ortis
2012-2013 Joanna Rivera Davis and Dean Robert McCarthy. Tracy Sookall and Katherine Foster
2011-2012 Shawna Lesseur and Pamela Fischl Lisa Dauten and Nicholas Walcott
2010-2011 Dr. Gary Lewicki and Dr. Peter Nicholls Yoo Mi Thompson and Emily Ragaglia
2009-2010 Brian Boecherer and Robert Landolphi Julie Barrows and Molly Zuccaro
2008-2009 Marie McCain and Kathleen Holgerson Chelsea Anderson and Danielle Jones
2007-2008 Carl Dean, Jr., and Dr. Joseph Briody Benjamin Gruenbaum and Robert Gendreau
2006-2007 Dr. Jeffrey von Munkwitz-Smith and Francine DeFranco Katherine Jolly and Susie Mendizabal
2005-2006 JoAnne Lewis and Adrian McCleary Laura Rowley and Kate Lennard
2004-2005 Dr. Kim Chambers and Maria Sedotti Kinga Kostaniak and Catriona Love
2003-2004 Reverend Amy Fallon and Kimeta Straker Kate Heintz and Emily McCoy
2002-2003 Kevin Sullivan and Leo Lachut Lauren Miller and Rebecca Maclure
2001-2002 Dr. Steven Zinn and Kathleen Labradorf Erica Miller and Jeffrey Larson
2000-2001 Dr. John Riesen and Judith Brown
1999-2000 Dr. Janice Wilbur
1998-1999 John Szarlan and Dr. Suman Singha