FYE Syllabi

Writing the first, mundane, parts of a syllabus can take a long time and UNIV instructors are busy people. So we have provided a sample UNIV 1800 syllabus to get you started. It contains all of the common elements of a syllabus that could be adapted for any UConn course, as well as core assignment descriptions to get UNIV instructors started. You can take this and implement it without revisions or you can use it as a starting point from which to personalize your semester.

Required Elements

In order to have some basic continuity between our various UNIV sections, we require the following elements for non-international, UNIV 1800 and 1810 sections.

Strongly Recommended Presentations


UNIV-1800-Sample Syllabus-Fall 2019


Week-by-Week Lesson Plans

Week 1 Lesson Plan - Introductions, with Information Sheet

Week 2 Lesson Plan - Exploring Values, with Values activity

Week 3 Lesson Plan - Campus Resources, with Critical Thinking Activity with Lunch

Week 4 Lesson Plan - Destination UConn, with Dairy Bar order form

Week 5 Lesson Plan - AAC

Week 6 Lesson Plan - Dairy Bar

Week 7 Lesson Plan - Major-Career Planning

Week 8 Lesson Plan - TBD

Week 9 - Your First College Resume

Week 10 Lesson Plan - Passions-Goals

Week 11 Lesson Plan - Mentor Presentation

Week 12 - VAWPP

Week 13 Lesson Plan - FYE Challenge Group Presentations

Week 14 Lesson Plan - Reflecting on the Semester

Sample Syllabus Assignments

Involvement Fair - Getting Involved assignment

Destination - UConn project

Resume Assignment - FYE Student Instructions

Critical Experience Assignment (In Class Model or Out of Class Model)

FYE Challenge Group assignment