Fall 2019 UNIV Course Offerings

Class # UNIV Section Instructor Day/Time/Room Course Highlights
Multiple 1800, University Learning Skills UConn Staff, Faculty, and Graduate students Multiple, find one that works for you (Tailored sections for international, transfer, SSS, and Veteran students by instructor permission) ALL FYE Sections 19 or Fewer Students. Learn UConn resources and fine tune college-level skills. Most UConn students take an 1800 (Learning Community Students take 1810, the LC equivalent FYE)
Multiple 1810, 1840, Learning Community Seminar Learning Community Faculty Multiple By instructor permission. Students taking 1810 CAN enroll in 1820 sections, but NOT 1800
5970 or 7383 1820.001 and 1820.016, Holistic Development in Intercollegiate Athletes Alana Butler 10:00AM-10:50AM/ Tu

11:00AM-11:50AM/ Tu

By instructor permission. Balance, school, life, and sports with your personal wellness.
9563 1820.006, Exploring STEM Research 101 Dr. Renee Gilberti 11:00AM-11:50AM/ Tu By instructor permission. Learn core skills for success in STEM undergraduate research. Meet other students studying science, technology, engineering, and math. Learn about becoming a McNair Fellow or Scholar.
8443 or 6062 1820.004 and 1820.005, PASS Willena Price 5:30-6:20PM/ Th Connect with the African American Cultural Center and other students. Learn culturally relevant skills.
8462 or 7382 1820.007 and 1820.015, LSAMP Michael Petro 2:30PM-3:20PM / Tu

11:00AM-11:50AM / Th

By instructor permission – only for LSAMP students. Get support to succeed in your STEM field through the LSAMP  program.
 6085, 9056, or 13695 1820.008, .010, or .018 Making Major Decisions Brittany Kowlayshyn

Micah Heumann

Sharon Mendes

10:10-11:00AM / We

2:00-2:50PM/ Th

9:30-10:20AM/ Th

An opportunity for a focused exploration of majors and careers, while becoming more self-aware of your own values, interest and skills.
7325 1820.012, UCan Cook at UConn  Robert Landolphi 9:05-11:05AM/We/ SU329 Learn basic cooking techniques. Work with professional chefs.
 13106 1820.013, LGBTQIA+ Representation in Media  Julia Anderson, Steven Feldman 10:10-11:00AM/ Mon/ SU – Rainbow Center Watch and learn from shows like Brooklyn 99, Queer Eye, Ellen, Madam Secretary, Bojack Horseman, and John Oliver. We will review how media influences and is influenced by attitudes and behaviors of viewers.
13720 1820.014, Education for Social Change Dominique Battle-Lawson, Mia Hines 2:30-3:20PM/We/ By instructor permission. Explore a career in teaching. Consider the roles of race, class, and gender in the K-12 education system.
10559 or 11156 1820.022 or .023,  Introduction to Making  Cody Ryan 12:30-2:30PM/ Th/ Werth 14

9:05-11:00AM/ Fr/ Werth 14

Gain access to the Next Gen Maker Space! Become familiar with the basic techniques, tools, processes, and mindset of the maker movement. Gain strategies in creative research and idea development.
19102 1820.027, E-Commerce and Social Media Jennifer Murphy 12:30-1:45PM/Tu Learn to develop and launch an e-commerce business. Learn how to use social media platforms and influencers to promote, create buzz, and drive traffic.


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