Expert-Led Lessons

UConn offers an abundance of expert-led presentations on a particular topic for your UNIV course. Offices generally like to receive presentation requests by the second week of classes in a semester, but have discretion to schedule presentations after this soft deadline. Three presentations are required for UNIV 1800 and 1810, while other presentations are optional.


Required Experiences

Center for Career Development

Writing Center

Women’s Center, VAWPP


New for 2017!!

Office Program Information
Academic Center for Exploratory Students (ACES)
Human Rights Institute
Office of Student Financial Aid


Dairy Bar orders

  • Learning Community Classes: Please contact the Learning Communities Office (6-0711) for more details.
  • UNIV 1800 Classes: Please submit a Dairy Bar Order Form to Vanessa Licowski ( at least eight (8) days prior to the proposed visit date. Each class is allowed one visit funded by FYP&LC. The Dairy Bar will not be able to accept any forms that are submitted to Vanessa less than 8 days prior to a visit.


Optional Presentations

Office Program Information
Academic Achievement Center, FYP&LC
Active Minds
Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD)
  • “Better than…” Presentation. Request a presentation by emailing Bryanna Anderson (
Dairy Bar
  • Ice cream funded by FYP&LC (UNIV 1810s, check with Helena DeBald).
  1. At least three weeks before the planned field trip, ask your students to write down their preferences:
    • Size – 4 oz. or 8 oz.
    • Flavor – only 1 flavor may be ordered per student (see Dairy Bar Ice Cream Order Form for flavors)
  2. Note: 3 gallon tub and ½ gallon tub purchases are not permitted.
    1. Collect the Ice Cream Order form and submit the Dairy Bar Order Form to Vanessa Licowski (ROWE 235A) for processing at least 8 days before your class. Forms submitted less than 8 days will not be honored.
    2. Please make sure to completely fill out the form. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

    NOTE: The UConn Dairy Bar opens at 11 AM every day.  If you have class before 11 AM, you can call the UConn Dairy Bar (860-486-1021) to make arrangements to pick up and take your order to your regular class location – you will still need to hand in your order form beforehand to Vanessa Licowski for processing.

Division of Public Safety, Community Policing
Education Abroad
International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)
  • Presentation for new international students on topics like getting your drivers’ license, employment, applicable US immigration policies, etc. Request a presentation by completing a presentation request.
Puppetry Museum
Student Health Center
Wellness & Prevention Services
  • Presentation Options: (1) Sex Jeopardy or (2) AOD
  • To schedule a presentation, please call Health Education at 860-486-0772
The William Benton Museum