Course Offerings – Spring 2018

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Class # UNIV Section Instructor Time/Day/Room Course Highlights
Multiple 1800, University Learning Skills

UConn Staff, Faculty, and Graduate students who love to support first-year students &  Peer Mentors

Multiple—Find one that works for you!

ALL FYE Sections 19 or Fewer Students

Learn UConn Resources

Create a college résumé

Learn college strategies

Make great friends

Most UConn students take an 1800 (Learning Community Students take 1810, the LC equivalent FYE)

Multiple 1810, 1840, Learning Community Seminars Learning Community Faculty Multiple

PLEASE DO NOT DROP: Required for participation in LCs

By instructor permission

Students taking 1810 CAN enroll in 1820 sections, but NOT 1800

Questions?: (860) 486-0711


1820.003, Education for Social Change

Dominique Battle-Lawson, Mia Hines

2:30PM - 3:20PM / We 

By instructor permission

Explore a career in teaching

Consider the roles of race, class, and gender in the K-12 education system


1820.001, Politics in the Era of Trump

David Yalof

2:00PM-2:50PM / Tu

Participate in discussions that consider multiple sources of news, while reflecting on your own ideas and biases.


1820.007 /008, Holistic Development in Intercollegiate Athletes

Alana Butler

8:00AM-8:50AM / Mo 


2:30PM-3:20PM / Mo 

By instructor permission

Balance, school, life, and sports with your personal wellness

For non-athletes as well




1820.018, Making Major Decisions

Sharon Mendes/ Julie Lynch / Harry Twyman

9:30AM-10:20AM / Tu


10:10AM-11:00AM / We 


2:00PM-2:50PM / Tu


1:25PM-2:15PM / Mo

Explore major and career options

Learn how to build your résumé to reach your long-term goals.

Learn about yourself as a future professional.

7368 1820.012, Performance Poetry Carl Dean Jr.

3:30PM-4:20PM / Th 

 Create, compose and train yourself to perform original works of poetry.

Step out of your comfort zone to foster personal growth.


1820.013, Developing the Counselor Within

Leo Lachut

11:00AM-11:50AM / Th

 If you are interested in pursing a degree in counseling or mental health, this is the class for you.

1820.014, Sustainability 360

 Joan Allen

11:15AM-12:05PM / We 

 Learn about exciting careers in sustainability.

 Get outside to in hands-on activities.


 1820.015/1820.016,  PASS  Willena Price

5:30PM-6:20PM / Th 

 By instructor permission.

Connect with the African American Cultural Center and other students.

Learn culturally relevant skills.


1820.017, Antarctic Endurance

 Richard Wolak  12:30PM-1:20PM / Tu 

Learn about leadership through the case study of Antarctica


1820.019,  Privilege and Possibility

Eleanor Daugherty

3:35PM-4:25PM / We

Lively discussions and self-reflections situated on the history of access and activism in higher education will provide students with a better understanding of themselves, their peers, and the journey to college.


1820.021, UCan Cook at UConn

Robert Landolphi

9:05AM-11:05AM / We 

 Learn basic cooking techniques.

 Work with professional chefs.


1820.023, Healthy Husky 101

Kelley LaFleur

1:25PM-2:15PM / We 

 Take control of your adult health

 Work with a UConn Nurse from the infirmary to consider  your wellness.

10598 1820.025,  Public Discourse  TBD

2:00PM-2:50PM / Th 

 Increase understanding of the tension between science and  religion and investigate steps toward productive debate  across this divide.

1820.026, Radio, Media, and Podcasting

 Jason McMullan  10:10AM-11:00AM/ Mo Gain skills in radio broadcasting, audio storytelling, and  multimedia creation.

1820.027 or 028, Intro to Making

 Anne Roberts or Cody Ryan



9:05AM-11:00AM/ Fr 

Become familiar with the basic techniques, tools, processes, and mindset of the maker movement.

Gain strategies in creative research and idea development.


1820.004, Mindset for Personal Growth

Chelsea Cichocki 2:30PM-3:20PM/ We

Introduces students to the theories surrounding mindset, strengths, and resilience.

Students will gain self-awareness of their own mindset and analyze ways in which they could change and improve this for their personal growth and development.


1820.029, Resilience in Healthcare

Amy McKeon 11:15AM-12:05PM/Fr

Investigate the construct of psychological capital (PsyCap) as a tool for health education and promotion, focusing specifically on resilience.